“Creap” Stick Type 
Morinaga Milk Industry Co.,Ltd.

Category: Packaging Date: 2011

In 2011, the design renewal project on "Creap" stick type" had taken place on the occasion of 50th anniversary since the product has been in the market well loved by consumers. The creep is the only product made from the ingredient of milk among many competitive products.

Having set the fashionable nature as a feature appealing to entry level users, the design has embodied milky and casual feeling unique to the product while it succeeded the brand resource of the red logo in yellow background.

The project employed an illustration, commissioned an illustrator Ms.Mariko Tanaka who was popular in a fashion magazine, of Paris town-scape with a café as a primary theme to renovate the previous image. The individual package design has been developed with a lovable illustration, as well.

The design as a whole has a familiar and casual impression along with milky expression through white gradation added in the background.