NosVamos VI計画 

Corporate visual identity for NosVamos 
NosVamos Inc.

Category: Branding Date: 2015

NosVamos is one of the largest recycle plants in the nation constructed to reduce emissions from human economic activity on nature to a minimum -- toward a zero-emission society.
GK Graphics was committed in the design of their logotype, plant wall graphics, name cards and stationery. The logotype employs multiple vivid colors expressing the unconventional novel character of the plant, in forms with soft outlines like hand drawing to appeal its friendliness, aiming for an expression with unique freshness and originality unlike any other company. In application on name cards and other items, colors and visual elements to harmonize with the logotype were developed to maintain a total consistency of image. In the graphic design of the plant wall, the size and layout of the visual elements were adjusted to be seen appropriately from a distance, such as from the nearest station.