We Love 天神 VI計画 
We Love 天神協議会

Visual Identity for We Love Tenjin 
We Love Tenjin Council

Category: Branding Date: 2006

We Love Tenjin Council are the organization to drive community renovation by businesses, associations, citizens and government in Tenjin district, Fukuoka. In the project to support council's work, several works ranging from development of the logo mark (We Love Logo), setting of sub-element to color scheme were done. The logo was created with its initials WLT
to propagate the concept of "We Love Tenjin," which represented the objective of the organization's activities. The logo expresses that Tenjin is the town connecting people and culture and nurturing opportunities of people's communion by portraying Tenjin's capital T as a plus sign. Also plus sign represents the council that always positive and proactive force on the renovation.