Beyond AI 研究推進機構 Visual Identity 計画 

Visual Identity plan for the Institute for AI and Beyond 
University of Tokyo and SoftBank Corp.

Category: Branding, Web/UI Date: 2021

The Beyond AI Joint Project is a collaborative project whose aim is to form the “Institute for AI and Beyond”, a center of excellence established by the University of Tokyo and SoftBank, and an ecosystem for social implementation and business deployment of its research results. GK Graphics was responsible for the visual identity plan and website design of this project.
The symbol mark renders the letters A and I as the loop of the infinity mark, symbolizing the boundless possibilities of the Institute for AI and Beyond. The curved line connecting the A to the I represents the mission and will of the organization to go "beyond." The gray (silver) symbol color and the typeface were selected to express the reliability and innovativeness of the project. For the website we designed and directed a simple and easy-to-understand GUI that utilizes visual identity elements to communicate the diverse research activities to internal and external readers.

Website co-creation: NECKTIE design office