FM Fukuoka VI Project 
FM Fukuoka Incorporated

Category: Branding Date: 2008

FM FUKUOKA is a broadcast station serving greater northern part of Kyushu centered by Fukuoka prefecture. The new symbol mark expresses close familiarity "always getting along with listeners" by combining two Fs of the initial of FM FUKUOKA. Also the two F means the station "Always Fitting" Fukuoka (the listeners and the region). The depth of color was created by using multiple hues of blue, taken from the sky as the nature of the media FM FUKUOKA. In primary graphical form, delineated by a little tilting square, which is traditionally granted to represent "perfection and accomplishment," expresses vitality and youthfulness of FM FUKUOKA while telling confidence on information. And its puzzle like color scheme appeals lively and pleasant atmosphere.