「Hotel Kyocera」VI計画 

“Hotel Kyocera” Visual Identity 
Kyocera Realty Department Co., Ltd.

Category: Branding Date: 1995

The Hotel Kyocera opened at Hayato-(Machi,Cho)Aira County, Hiroshima Prefecture, in September, 1995. The architectural design of the hotel was done by Mr. Kisho Kurokawa and located fifteen minutes driving from the Kagoshima Air port.
Ranging from developing a design element such as a primary symbol to visual identity development through stationery forms, guest room supplies alike were conducted.
In the architecture with dignity and bright openness in the white primary color, the visual design was intended to back up the condition of sophisticated and heartily hotel service such as relieved and reliable feeling, and expressing upright spirit in digenous to Kagoshima was implemented.