Lumada Innovation Hub Tokyo VI・空間計画 

Lumada Innovation Hub Tokyo visual identity and space planning 
Hitachi, Ltd.

Category: Branding, Environment, Graphic Date: 2021

Lumada Innovation Hub Tokyo is Hitachi’s co-creation center established for the purpose of creating innovation through Digital Transformation by connecting diverse human resources and locations. The creative activities that are induced throughout the facility are likened to the 16-18 century painting subject "Rakuchu Rakugai-zu (scenes in and around Kyoto)," which depicts the emergence and development of urban culture, and from here the motif of "Suyari-gasumi," a Yamato-e painting expression of clouds that link various contexts depicted in the painting, was borrowed for the space design centered on signage, and also the visual identity design.
GK Graphics was involved in the design and art direction of the facility, from the lighting and space color scheme through to the display GUI and uniforms. The Suyari-gasumi motif was applied in diverse expressions and deployed throughout the facility to create a space that softly connects and accommodates the co-creation of customers and Hitachi with a unified world view.

Space design: Itoki Corporation
Lighting design: Sawada Lighting Design & Analysis iNC.
Digital content design: gumi Inc