Total Design of “COLON BOOTH” 
JR Kyushu Retail.Inc.

Category: Environment Date: 2003

COLON BOOTH is a convenient store newly opened in Hakata Station seeing women as a customer. We designed the logo mark making a core of visual elements, paying attention with C and O repeated in the spelling, by using a Geometric-Sans-serif type structured in a circle. Tried to make it as friendly and unique logo mark. Also, the ring-like formative theme laid out into the store space means a circled mark put on the goods COLON BOOTH recommends to customers. Namely it represents a guaranty mark of the store, and multiple use of the mark tells that the store carries many merchandise confident to recommend.
The design project succeeded in creating the store's decent and sound image by the development ranging from the shop card to the interior. The project was backed up by designing the framework in which developing factors relevant to its business ideas into all visual elements.