We integrate overview and details
combining diverse viewpoints in co-creation
to communicate the essentials.

Comprehensive viewpoint and skilled realization
are tightly connected in our design.
They mutually function to create a tuned integration
of optimum framework and expressive details.

We design in a team, digging into the issue from diverse aspects,
casting different views and inspiring each other
to capture the essentials of the issue.

The communication design we aim for
is giving form to what is truly valuable to people,
with a flexibility for shifting environments and an eye for unchanging essentials.
We design a strong meaningful communication
that conveys a deep reaching message.

  • 1. Hearing

    We value the first hearing. In dialogue with customers, we will identify issues and themes on the other side of the language, and plan a framework for each of them. Especially at this stage, we try to respond flexibly to the customer’s purpose and situation.

  • 2. Research and analysis

    We conduct design research on related and competitive products and brands from an expert perspective and examine the appropriate design direction while matching the purpose of the plan. If you are conducting group interviews, workshops, quantitative surveys, etc. during development, we will formulate a plan after consultation.

  • 3. Formulation of the definition and concept of the given son

    Based on research and analysis, we will verify and define the givens presented at the orientation, and formulate a design concept by envisioning a framework for planning. At this stage, it is also possible to develop concepts through collaborative creation through workshops with customers and stakeholders.

  • 4. Basic Design

    We will present the basic design direction based on research and analysis, and find the optimal design by discussing and examining with customers.

  • 5. Implementation Design

    By refining the determined design and adjusting it to the details, we will lead you to the result product suitable for the purpose according to the manufacturing givenmatter and the cost.

  • 6. Design supervision

    We manage design selves in printing, production, and construction, supervise design sand guidelines after release, share design literacy with stakeholders, and support design sharing more reliably and effectively in a way that is close to our customers.

*The above is an example of the work process of design development.

  • Name

    GK Graphics Incorporated

  • Address

    2-1-15 Shimo-Ochiai Shinjyuku-ku Tokyo
    161−0033 Japan
    Telephone +81-3-5952-6831
    Facsimile +81-3-5952-6832
    E-mail graphics@gk-design.co.jp

  • Established

    November 1, 1985

  • Paid-in

    10 million yen

  • Board of

    Maki Okabe, President
    Masahiro Sato, Vice-president
    Masahiko Kimura, Executive Director

  • Bank

    MUFG Bank, Ltd. (Takatanobaba Branch)
    Mizuho Bank, Ltd. (Takatanobaba Branch)
    Resona Bank, Ltd. (Ikebukuro Branch)

  • Services

    1 Package and Product Graphics
    Package Design
    Graphical Product Design
    Novelty Product Development

    2 Branding and Identity
    Corporate Identity, Visual Identity

    3 Environmental Graphics
    Signage Planning
    Retail Environment
    Exhibit design

    4 Information Design
    Advertising Design / Poster, Catalog, Book, etc
    Presentation Design / Motion Graphics, Exhibition
    Graphical User Interface

    5 Management
    Reserch, Planning, Consultation
    Design Management

  • Primary clients to date

    Asahi Soft Drinks Co.,Ltd. Ajinomoto Co., Inc. Azumanoen Co., Ltd. AMOREPACIFIC Corp. ANGFA Co., Ltd. EBM Corporation Evaheart, Inc. IMS Co., Ltd. Interscience Co.,Ltd. Vernal Brothers Inc. Ueno Gakuen Visual Industry Promotion Organization ADK International Inc. Ezaki Glico Company, Limited SSP Co., Ltd. LG Household & Health Care Ltd. LB CO., LTD OVAL ENTERPRISE CORPORATION Olympus Corporation KAGOME CO.,LTD. KATAOKA & CO., LTD. KAJIMA INSTITUTE PUBLISHING CO., LTD. Kasho Sanzen Co., Ltd. Calpis Co., Ltd. Kikkoman Corporation Kikkoman Food Products Company Kibun Foods Inc. Kyushu Railway Company Kirin Brewery Company, Limited Kracie Home Products, Ltd. KUREHA CORPORATION Keio Corporation Metropolitan Police Department Keisei Bus Co.,Ltd. KT Group Co.,Ltd. Ministry of Construction KOIZUMI Lighting Technology Corp. Parks and Recreation Foundation CONSUMERS CO-OPERATIVE KOBE KOKUYO Co.,Ltd. COSMO OIL CO., LTD. KONICA MINOLTA, INC. Sunstar Inc. Shizuoka University of Art and Culture Shiseido Company, Limited CITIZEN MACHINERY CO., LTD. SHIFT CO.,LTD. Sima Creative House JustSystems Corporation SHOWA GLOVE Co. ShotVision.Inc Shinjuku City NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION SHIN-YOSHA CORPORATION Sumida City ECO-PLANNING RESEARCH Co.Ltd. Sekisui House, Ltd. SETONAIKAIKISEN INC. Taiko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. Tanaka Foods Co.,Ltd. TIVOLI Holdings Inc. DENTSU INC. Tendoso Toagosei Company, Limited Tokyu Agency Inc. Tokyo 2020 Bid Committee Tokyo Social Insurance Office Tokyo Electric Power Company, Incorporated TOKYO METOROPOLITAN GOVERMENT Tokyo Metropolitan University Public University Corporation TOSHIBA MITSUBISHI-ELECTRIC INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS CORPORATION Tohoku University of Art & Design Toyo Paper Mfg.Co.,Ltd TOCLAS CORPORATION Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. Toyota Motor Corporation The Nisshin OilliO Group, Ltd. National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation Japan Student Services Organization Japan Environment Association Coca-Cola(Japan)Company, Limited JAPAN TOBACCO INC. Japan Racing Association Nippon Television Network Corporation Nestle Japan Limited Häagen-Dazs Japan,Inc. Hakuhodo Inc. HASHIBA GRAND-SHA CO.,LTD. Hanamaruki Foods Inc. Palsystem Consumers’ Co-operative Union East Japan Railway Company Hida City Hitachi, Ltd. Fukuoka Urban Laboratory LLC Fukuoka City Fukuyama City FUKOKU SEIMEI BUILDING Co., Ltd. FUJITSU DESIGN LIMITED PLUS CORPORATION Bloom&Co., Inc. FROM COMMUNICATIONS Co.,Ltd. Hokuriku Electric Power Company POKKA SAPPORO FOOD & BEVERAGE LTD. Bonform Co., Ltd. Mars Japan Limited THE MAINICHI NEWSPAPERS Mazda Motor Corporation MARUNOUCHI HOTEL CO., LTD. MITSUBISHI ESTATE CO., LTD. Mitsubishi Corporation MINISTOP Co., Ltd. Milbon Co., Ltd. Murakami Corporation Meiji Co., Ltd. Mercian Corporation MORINAGA MILK INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Yamaha Corporation Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. YAMAMOTOYAMA Co., Ltd. Consumer Co-operative Federation Yokohama City Lion Corporation RIKEN Ritsumeikan University Wiredbeans Inc.

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