“GK Design Group 30th Anniversary” Poster 

Category: Graphic Date: 1987

・ The history of GK since 1953:
A group called itself as "Group Koike = GK" after late Prof. Iwataro Koike who supported the contention of a group of students. They argued "Industrial design from now on should replace the traditional art of hand craft".
・ Three propellers driving force of creative work
GK Group, after started as a study group, had tried to be an entity promoting design and raising activities for social good.
・ Reclaiming the terminology of "Dougu".
"Dougu" was almost GK ユs invention that the terminology "Dough", belonged to archaic
words, was reclaimed. GK contended that a product it designed was the tool prepared for our way of life from introspective view on many randomly produced products in the midst of then high economic growth.