「GK Design 50 years 1952-2002 デザイン世界探求」 

“GK Design 50 Years 1952-2002 Quest of Design World” 
GK Design Group, GK History Editorial Committee

Category: Graphic Date: 2002

This is the commemorative book of GK's 50 years anniversary. The track record of its design activities since establishment to date were compiled. The book was edited along 50 years, 1952~60s / establishing and developing period, 1970s / business development period, 1980s / developing period of new business categories, 1990s~2002 / re-structuring period.
"The spirit of the start," "organized creative power," "the cause of group work," that have been driving mind of design activities, were symbolically expressed by the letter GK.
* GK is short for Group Koike. Koike is name of late Mr. Iwataro Koike who was then an associated professor of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.