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GK Graphics 30th Anniversary Exhibition 
GK Graphics

Category: Design Study Date: 2015

Formerly a division of GK Industrial Design Associates, GK Graphics was established as an independent firm in 1985. Marking its 30th anniversary, a twelve-day exhibition was held from Oct. 27th 2015 at Gallery 5610 in Minami Aoyama.
We took this exhibition as an opportunity to re-think what we should propose to the society through design, as a member of the GK Design Group.

With “Graphics to Create Life” as our philosophy, we have explored the meaning of a rich and lively life through design. The 30 years since our founding has been a period of drastic changes in information technology and social framework, causing vast diversification in people’s mindsets and related communication manners. We think the value of communication design lies in its endless exploration for a harmonious combination between the unchanging human joys and the ever-changing mindsets and values.

The word we chose as the theme of this exhibition is “aya,” originally meaning the beautiful appearance of a woven fabric, a word used to describe the diverse forms and patterns that appear on the surface of something. The art of combining the warp and weft to make a strong and beautiful fabric – it would be a perfect analogy for communication design, weaving in various values to connect people. Thus in this exhibition we explored the possibilities of communication design in society of years to come.