COTOCATA – 人から人へ“伝えて作る積み木” 
GK Graphics

COTOCATA – blocks built by communication  
GK Graphics

Category: Design Study, Product Date: 2015

This is one of the exhibits from GK Graphicsʼ 30th Anniversary Exhibition.
A completed form is pictured on each card in the stack. One of the two players draws a card and must convey the form verbally to the other player, who uses the blocks to complete the exact same form without seeing the card. It is a communication game where you can enjoy exchanging conversation and building with blocks. But at the same time, through the experience of trying to come up with the right words to convey the forms, and associating the words with the right form and construction, the game is designed to experience and discover the difficulty of selecting the right words for communication and to receive, read and interpret those words correctly.

Production cooperation: Hagiwara Seisakusho, Ogura Print