Privacy Policy

The following English version is a translation provided for convenience only and will not govern our relationship. Please switch to Japanese page for original text.

We, GK Graphics, define our privacy policy as follows, and promote the protection of personal information by establishing a set of measures for privacy protection and embedding between all employees the awareness and activity for personal information protection.
1. Security and management of personal information
We will make all possible efforts to keep our customers’ personal information accurate and up-to-date, and prevent all unauthorized access to, loss, damage, falsification or leakage of personal information. To this end we will take appropriate measures such as maintaining security systems and employee education, and implement protection to keep all personal information under secure control.
2. Purposes of personal information use
The personal information we collect will be used for the following purposes:
– Receiving customers’ comments and opinions
– Corresponding to questions and inquiries
– Market research and development of new services
– Delivery of e-mail services, publications, etc.
– Providing information on products and services handled by ourselves or related companies.
– Providing information on career opportunities, conducting recruitment or questionnaire surveys
– Other purposes related to our business activities
3. Disclosure to third parties
We will keep our customers’ personal information under appropriate security and will not disclose them to third parties, with the following exceptions:
– When we have the customer’s consent
– Disclosure to our contractor for the purpose of providing services requested from the customer
– When disclosure is required by law or regulation
4. Security measures
We will take necessary security measures to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information.
5. Supervision of employees and contractors
1) We provide necessary education and training to our employees for the operation of security measures and appropriate handling of personal information.
2) In the course of our activity we may entrust a third party with all or part of the handling of personal information. In this case we will select a contractor capable of appropriately handling personal information. We will also strictly specify privacy issues such as security measures, confidentiality and subcontracting conditions in the service agreement, and implement necessary and appropriate supervision.
6. Inquiry by the customers on their own information
We will support requests by the customer to inquire, correct or delete their own personal information after confirming identification.
7. Compliance of laws, regulations and social rules, and revision of this policy
We will comply with Japanese laws, regulations and social rules applying or related to the personal information we collect. Our privacy policy will also be revised and improved for better compliance.
8. Contact Us
If you have any questions on the personal information we collect and handle, please contact us here.